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About Malware Scanning

Last updated by Paul Baka on September 19, 2015 15:11

Malware is a serious issue with websites and to help detect Malware and prevent it there are now a large variety of Website Malware Scanners on the market. What do these scanners actually do?

Each one does vary so it is always worth reading up on the exact specifications of what each one does to see if it is what you require. We at SSLTrust recommend a few such as ones offered by Comodo, Geotrust, Symantec and SiteLock.

In short all scanners will on a daily, weekly or monthly ( depending on the product ) schedule connect to your website and browse through your pages looking for malicious software. A piece of software or code that is implanted by hackers to cause damage, steal information, break security, crime and more. If any Malware is detected you will then be notified right away so you can patch up any vulnerabilities in your website and remove the malicious code. It is always good to remove the malicious code ASAP so as your website does not get blacklisted by google and other major search engines which will cause large amounts of damage to your business.